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How to Live in this World Being Hypersensitive?

This world is not only rainbows and butterflies, and we all know that. Life is made out of "contrast", between what we call "good things" and "bad things", "negative" and "positive", what we like and what we don't like. Each day of our life, from our birth to our...

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Does Luck Exist?

Some people think that life is only a question of "Good Luck" or "Bad Luck". That everything just happens by chance, that one day you can get cancer without having done anything that could have caused it, that you can "have an accident" that would once again be purely...

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A Great Exercise to Boost your Self-Love

Today I want to share with you an exercise that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. Please take a moment to sit down in a quiet place, relax, and try it. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen. This exercise helps us discover (or remember) what we need to do more in order to love...

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Exercice Efficace pour Booster sa Confiance en Soi

Aujourd'hui je vais partager avec vous un exercice que j'ai découvert il y a quelques jours, et que j'aime particulièrement. Cet exercice permet de mettre le doigt sur tout ce qui nous bloque dans notre vie, tout ce que nous devons améliorer, tout en nous faisant...

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