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We’ve all asked ourselves, when the difficulty to bear the suffering of the world was too hard, if in fact we would have not prefered to be a “happy ignorant”.
It’s true, the one that is not aware of everything that is going on on this planet and that lives his life without thinking about anybody or anything else, has a much “easier” life. To be aware means to become responsible, and that also means to be touched in our hearts. Once we know certain things, it’s our whole life that changes, even the whole meaning of Life that can change.

For example, let’s take a person that has absolutely no idea of what’s going on in the food industry, behind the production of her beef steak, and of all the suffering and heavy cruelty in the industrial farms and slaughterhouses. Well this person will live her life just eating her beef steak or chicken wings and drink her milk everyday without feeling any painful emotions or discomfort.


femme reflechitOn the contrary, somebody that is aware of the reality in the meat and dairy industry, that knows all the details about the way it is produced, and the impact of our actions on the world, as well as everything that happens in other countries, abused women, child abuse, wars, etc… well this person can have a much more difficult time living a “simple” life, only focused on herself and her own comfort.




Once we know, our whole world change, nothing has the same taste, and our priorities completely change too. It may even feel that we’re living in parallel dimensions, in which we would be automatically propelled, as our consciousness expands. With each new level of consciousness, we switch to “another dimension”, where all the things that belonged to the “previous levels” don’t have the same meaning at all…


So… to know or not to know? What is the best?

Sometimes, I’ve asked myself, is it better to know or to not know? If knowing and being aware makes us so sad, and if not knowing seems to preserve us from anger and sadness and keep us in a state of carefreeness… wouldn’t it be better to be ignorant and then, happier?
But each time, I come to the same conclusion: I prefer to know and be aware.


Why? Because to know means being able to act.


I think the worst thing that could happen to me is to be on my death bed, and to realize all the things I was not aware of during my life, and how selfish I have been, or carefree, whereas all of those things happened all around me, without me seeing it or being willing to see it.
I would be overrun by horrible remorse feelings, to not have done anything about it, to not have used my life to make those things better, to have been blind.
What is worst that remorse? What is worst than not being able to go backwards and correct your mistakes? It’s a little bit like those who don’t want to go check their health, because they don’t want to know whether they are sick or not. I am more of those people that prefer to check in order to be able to rectify my mistakes on time.
So when I think about all of that, I’m happy I know what I know, and ready to become even more aware as I grow. Knowledge is power. Unconsciousness doesn’t bring anything to the world, this is in fact the opposite, and often what destructs our world on a day to day basis…
The first thing is to never regret that you are aware. Moreover, as everything happens for a reason, if you are aware of certain things and if that moves you deep inside, that could be a sign you have something to do about it. Only conscious people can be willing to make things better.



always wondered why somebodyThere is this quote I adore: 

” I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that, then I realized I am somebody”.


Each time I see myself being indignant at something, telling myself that it’s crazy nobody does anything about this or that, or that something doesn’t exist yet, I remember I am somebody too and that I can be this person. I can create this thing.
This quote stays forever in my mind.
If Martin Luther King stayed home getting angry telling himself “I can’t believe nobody stands up for the abolition of slavery” – or what if Gandhi stayed home getting angry or desperate, telling himself “I can’t believe nobody promotes peace and compassion”, instead of becoming themselves what they wanted to see in the world…? Gandhi’s quote “Be the change you wish to be in the world” is actually one of my favorite quotes, that I always keep in my mind. What’s more powerful than that?
woman fire
If every single person used this opportunity, to witness suffering, in order to become the total opposite of this thing or person, in order to promote its opposite, instead of revolting and getting angry and feel hate; can you see the tremendous impact it would have on the planet?
It is normal to not tolerate the suffering, cruelty, violence, poverty, injustice. But to get angry without action is useless.   Only action can bring a change. And only action can in fact help us find a little bit of “relief”. (The action of helping makes us feel good).
A lot of spiritual teachings speak about the idea of “contrast”. We come here on earth to experiment “contrast”: that is to say what we don’t want, in order to give birth to what we really want. How can we understand what is “good”, if we have not experimented or seen what is “bad”? How to be willing to do good, without having to fight against the bad? Only in the presence of contrast, can we give birth the greatest expansions.
Of course it’s not easy… Also, a lot of people forget or don’t think they have the power to act and to change things. But if we could see the impact of each and everyone of our words and actions with the butterfly effect, on the world, we would be astonished. One single smile can save a life, and one single word can destroy another. Nobody’s perfect, but our main concern should always be to cause the least amount of suffering around us.


gandhi animalsGandhi was a vegetarian and didn’t want to eat animals. One day, he became sick, and the doctor told him to have chicken broth, otherwise he would die. He refused. He said he would rather die, than eating an animal or something made with an animal. Instead, he made himself a plant remedy, and he was healed.
Thanks to him, some cities in India are completely vegetarian (not by poverty but by real conviction), and slaughterhouses are forbidden on their territory. Every person killing any kind of animal is punished. In our modern societies, cats and dogs are adored, but we massively kill and torture millions of pigs, cows and chickens every day. Some animals have the good role, they are our pets, and some other less lucky ones, will only know the knife on their throats. Gandhi didn’t make any difference between species. And he became what he wished to see in the world.
Never underestimate the power of one person. (Yourself included).


Staying strong in front of the suffering

It is normal that sometimes, it is just too hard to see the suffering, and that we just want to give up. Some things are so cruel, so inconcievable for the empathic and sensitive ones, that it can become hell just to think about it. It can even ruin a person’s life and make him/her lose her willingness to continue to live.


I’ve been through different phases myself, and I came to these conclusions:

1) Accept the reality (which is, I agree, not acceptable)

When I say accept reality, I’m not saying we have to become insensitive to it, or to ignore it. But we have to understand that whether we accept it or not, whether we can conceive or not (rape, murder, violence, wars, etc), all of those horrible things do exist. I’ve come to the conclusion that being angry all my life and ruining my own life because all of those things exist, won’t change anything about it. In fact, it would just be a total waste of my own life, as I wouldn’t have offered what I was supposed or able to offer to humanity. The world is evolving positively, but for now, those things still exist, it’s a fact. So we have to “accept” it as a fact, and move on to the next steps.


2) Refuse to be negative

Being unhappy paralyzes us, and doesn’t allow us to make positive actions for ourselves and for the world. So it can NOT be an option. Moreover, knowing that we create our reality every minute, according to our main vibration (positive or negative), means then that being unhappy or negative will only bring more negative experiences and people into our lives, which will make us even more unhappy or negative! It’s the never ending spiral. And once we are at the bottom, once again, how useful are we for the world?


3) Being active

I’ve also understood, that the only way I could feel “better” about the suffering in the world, is by being “active” for those things to change. If I stay inactive, then my sadness gets bigger. As soon as I start to help and do good around me, and to have a positive impact on the world, it makes me happy. Feeling joy for something is a strong indicator of the directions you’re supposed to take. In order to guide us, our soul directs us through “joy” (the pure joy of the heart, not the superficial one).
My heart is fulfilled with joy when I speak about animals for example, so I have the clear indication that it is my mission, it is what I’m supposed to do. For some other people, it could be to take care of sick people, of abuse victims, of children, environment, plants. Everybody just needs to listen to their heart and everybody can have a positive impact in his area. One person can not solve all the problems in the world, but we can all in our areas of action, change the world.


4) Protect yourself

It’s been 9 months that I am investigating about the food industry and the horror of industrial farming and slaughterhouses. I feel deeply that I’m supposed to speak about it. As an hypersensitive and highly empath person, it’s very hard for me to watch all of the documentaries and images of horrors I come across. But I know that I have to do it, because that is in fact because nobody wants to see them, that those things exist. But on the other side, I will protect myself from other horrors in the world, about which I know I can’t communicate or don’t feel any urge or joy to do it. I have to intentionally protect myself, otherwise I couldn’t move on with my own mission and the things that I can actually change and positively impact!
That doesn’t mean we have to ignore the rest. But once again, it is impossible for one single person, to take responsibility for all the suffering in the world. We have to choose and to protect ourselves in order to be strong enough to act.


In the plane, aren’t we asked in case of emergency, to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first, and then on our child?

Only when I understood that I would be of no use to the planet and to those who suffer, if I am myself in despair, did I decide that from now on I would make everything possible to keep my head high and to be as positive and happy as I could. I not only decided to become what I wish to see more in the world, but also to encourage it, through every means I would have (my blog, my writings, my work, my personality, my words, my actions). My entire life will be dedicated to promote the values in which I believe and to defend the causes that touch me. Sometimes, I say to myself, I will never have enough time to do all the things I want to do for myself and for the world. But I think it’s a good thing, as it keeps in a state of constant creation and action.

 slide 7 openarms laura empathic


“How do you stay so positive and how do you stay so strong?”


My answer is simple: I tell myself that if I don’t do what I’m able to do, for those things that touch me to change, nobody is going to do it for me: only me and myself can do the things I’m able to do, the same way, as we are all unique and all have a specific mission here on earth. To not act would then be to deprive some living beings of my possible help. (And it’s the same for you).
And finally, and most importantly, I promised myself, that darkness will never dull me. I promised myself, that the more darkness I will see, the more light I will unleash and produce in return. Each time I am a witness of any type of suffering, I store all the anger inside, I transform it into energy, and I release it into a forever stronger light. All of those horrible things that I see, and all the “bad” people I come across, give me the desire to become the total opposite of them. Instead of dulling me, they make me shinier and stronger, showing me how I would never want to be.
As a matter of fact, the person I am today, is only the result of everything that I’ve seen since my birth, positive and negative. Each time I saw something positive I used it as inspiration, and each time I saw something negative, I became its total opposite. Good and bad equally contribute to make me better and stronger.  I use the darkness of the world and transform it into light.


 A great man once said, “Be a lotus.” Which means, no matter how ugly, how evil, and how sinful everyone around you might become, do not allow yourself to be stained. A lotus remains beautiful even as it lingers in the filthy waters of the pond. Don’t be contaminated, do not be influenced by worthless means, remain radiant among the shadows of darkness. Be a lotus. It has to start with one, to fill the pond with more.


laura anthony black

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that”. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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